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Book "Twisted by the Wind" by Tom Hays

Twisted by the Wind


A Journal of Inspirations, Conversations and Imaginations 

Twisted by the Wind is a collection of stories and words of wisdom, with a fair amount of humor added.


It chronicles a philosophical spirit developed on the plains of Oklahoma, the Arizona desert, Nashville, and the wine country of California, honed through a lifetime of entrepreneurial endeavors and adventures. 

Tales of first flights, free meals in the park, car racing, life in a monastery, following a musical dream, and wisdom of the ages are all wrapped in a collection of quotes, short stories, poems, and personal revelations. 

Designed to be a catalyst to spark readers’ inspiration and creativity, you can open this book anywhere and find a fresh thought or idea to make life more enjoyable and to share with others.


Here are great stories and lessons for all ages. And for me, these stories are wondefully reminiscent of a recently bygone era, told convincingly.


Often, a smile would break-out on my face when I could picture me and my friends encountering similar curcumstances that Tom Hays relates.


The reader comes to recognize and be reminded that we are all "Twisted by the Wind." Its a great read. I eagerly await Mr. Hay's next book.  Five stars.

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Tom Hays

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