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Six light years from Earth, in the galaxy Croakatoria, exists a planet called AMPHIBIA.  Some years ago, engineers in a small recording studio in Oklahoma started receiving signals from this small, distant planet.  Not just ordinary radio signals, but messages about the happenings of civilized life forms existing on Amphibia, a civilization much like that on earth. 


If your imagination will allow you to believe that life exists elsewhere, you can now listen and learn about the strange and exciting life on Amphibia.  


Follow the exciting misadventures of secret agent Ajax Toad as he battles the evil warlord Wak Et Bong the Merciless salamander. 

NOW ON CD OR AUDIO BOOK! All four adventure stories, consisting of 10 episodes each. You will want them all! You will listen again and again to these fully sound effected comedy/adventures presented in classic radio serial format. Each episode 6-7 minutes in length, 40 episodes in all, over four full hours of fun!


Aha! English Language Sound Spectacular - Bilingual Education Program

Aprender Los Sonidos Del Ingles!!

Now ... for the first time! Help for the Spanish-speaking child in the English language reading environment! 
Welcome to AHA! The English Language Sound Spectacular. AHA is a self-contained dual-language phonics enrichment program custom designed for native Spanish-speaking students. Used in conjunction with Beginning English reading programs, it aids the child in unlocking English language sound-symbol relationships. Used in conjunction with beginning Spanish reading programs, it teaches, in the language with which the child is most comfortable, the concept of decoding.  
HIGH INTEREST FORMAT High-interest, lavishly illustrated detective format helps the student solve the mystery of English sounds and symbols via dual-language adventures including Sweet Thing and the Green Bean Beast, the Mighty Pie-in-the-Eye Sniper Caper, Mugs Money, the Truck-Driving Duck Thug, the Case of the Vain Viper, and many others.  

Lesson 1 - Long English Vowels 
Lesson 2 - Short English Vowels  
Lesson 3 - Consonants; with special emphasis on letters B,V,R,H, and J, the most difficult for Spanish speakers.

Anne in MusicLand

An introduction to the sounds of the orchestra. For pre-school, kindergarten and early grade school children. A young girl, Anne, finds herself in MusicLand and meets the various musical instruments. 

This program was designed to introduce pre-school, kindergarten and early grade school children to the basic orchestra and band instruments. Basic emphasis in the program is on recognition of sounds of the instruments. The method employed is the utilization of a story theme and the development of a personality for each instrument introduced. 
A young girl, Anne, is the vehicle through which 
the story progresses and the instruments are 
introduced to the listener. It is anticipated that the children will more readily recognize instruments with which they can associate a character or story. 
Anne wakes up to the clash of cymbals at the gate of Musicland. She receives permission from Cymbal the Great to enter Musicland. Anne becomes involved in a disagreement between violins and "fiddles", searches for the missing Silent Sam the Cello, and meets many inhabitants of MusicLand, including Grandpa Bass, Violet Viola, Flighty Flute, Tiny Piccolo, Blacky Clarinet, Ruby Oboe, Bob Bassoon, and Jax the Sax.  
In Chapter Two, Anne continues her search for Silent Sam the Cello so he can play in a special Musicland Concert. While searching for Silent Sam, she meets Boom-Boom the Bass Drum, Rat-a-tat Snare Drum, and Ting-a-ling Triangle. They invite her to join their parade in honor of Terry and Timmy Timpani who are returning to MusicLand after their successful debut at Carnegie Hall. She meets Big George the Tuba, Slipper Slide Trombone, Frenchy the French Horn, Mr. Trumpet, and the Timpani. Anne's adventures in MusicLand end with the successful concert appearance of Silent Sam, and a promise from Cymbal the Great that she can return to meet more MusicLand citizens in the future.



Tom Hays

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