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Twisted by the Wind - A Journal of INspirations, Conversations and Imaginations
Seeds Into The Wind: One Thousand Days of Timeless Wisdom, compiled by Tom Hays. Creator of "Pearl of the Day"
BAIT: A Healthy Dose of Horror.  A fiction noir novella by Tom Hays
Beulah's Curse - A fiction noir novella by Tom Hays
There Were Several Ladies Present - A fiction noir Novella by Tom Hays
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Twisted by the Wind:
A Journal of Inspirations, Conversations and Imaginations

ISBN-13: 978-1449708504

A collection of stories and words of wisdom, with a fair amount of humor added, this book chronicles a philosophical spirit developed on the plains of Oklahoma, the Arizona desert, Nashville and wine country California, honed through a lifetime of entrepreneurial endeavors and adventures. First flights, free meals in the park, car racing, life in a monastery, following a musical dream, wisdom of the ages, all wrapped in a collection of quotes, short stories, poems and personal revelations. Designed to be a catalyst to spark your own inspiration and creativity, you can open this book anywhere and find a fresh thought or idea to make life more enjoyable and to share with others. 

Seeds Into the Wind:
One Thousand Days of Timeless Wisdom

ISBN-13: 978-0692262467

INEW! From the author of Twisted By The Wind. SEEDS INTO THE WIND is a collection of over one thousand inspirational, motivational, witty and sometimes humorous quotations selected from “Here’s Your Pearl of the Day® from Tom Hays”, a daily “thought starter” email sent to subscribers and featured on selected websites for over sixteen years. The book features quotations from famous and infamous thinkers throughout history to the present day. Readers are encouraged to, each day, choose a random number between one and one thousand, look up that numbered quotation in the book and see what "Pearl of Wisdom" fate brings them that day.

A Healthy Dose of Horror

ISBN-13: 978-0692604243


BAIT - A Healthy Dose of Horror, a novella by Tom Hays, is a cautionary tale of two healthy, personable young women who, through their own naivety, willingly become the prey in a high stakes business of nutrition and… death!  Angela, a talented and beautiful blonde, and her room-mate and best friend Lacey, become easy targets in the hands of Robb, a handsome young businessman. Will you be the next victim? Beware. You are what you eat.

Beulah's Curse


A fiction noir novella, story two of a trilogy entitled "316 East Boulevard"

The Civil War had just begun. Young plantation slave Ahracee had a dream that one day he would be able to put down his hoe and shovel and do something more with his life. Ahracee thought to himself that watching, learning, picking up skills beyond the job he was assigned, and making himself more valuable as a human being, were the keys to success.

Ahracee’s young girlfriend Sheika supposed that one day she would convince Ahracee to marry her. But life sometimes takes strange turns. Enter Beulah, and her black magic.

The first novella in the trilogy "316 East Boulevard" is titled "There Were Several Ladies Present". "Beulah's Curse" is the prequel to that story.

There Were Several Ladies Present

ISBN-13: 978-0692627327


​A Fiction-Noir novella. The date was August 22, 1968. The gathering was in the home of one Clarisse Jones, 316 East Boulevard, Birmingham, Alabama. The imposing residence had been the scene of hundreds of these society luncheons over its long history. as the home of a long time pillar of Black society, Mrs. Christine Brown-Jones and, for that matter, her family before her. Now, however, the house was presided over by Mrs. Clarisse Jones, a very recent arrival. There were a lot of questions to be answered about the circumstances surrounding this change in occupancy of the house. Persistent rumors had certainly flamed the east Birmingham ladies’ interest in attending this “hot ticket” event.

The Third Story

ISBN: 9781698579498


​Abram Wallace had built his life to have everything a young black man in the South could want, a happy carefree life, until a fate decided for him nearly one hundred years earlier interrupted his life in ways he could not control.

Now he faces financial and social ruin. The old witch, Beulah, confirms his worst fears as his world falls apart, and he must now face the horror that has plagued his family for nearly a century.

"The Third Story" is the third and last novella in a trilogy called "316 East Boulevard". The other two are "Beulah's Curse" and "There Were Several Ladies Present".

316 East Boulevard
The Complete Trilogy

ISBN: 978-1-7094-6939-0


​A series of three novellas that span five generations of the lives and deaths of the heirs of a runaway black plantation slave who joined the Union Army.  He left behind a jilted lover who, with the assistance of a witch named Beulah, placed upon him a destructive ju-ju curse.  His family bloodline became plagued by a future trail of mysterious deaths.

Darkly humorous in parts, the three stories chronical the lives and untimely ends of those carrying his blood in their veins.  Even though blessed with successes in their lives, they all unknowingly carried the curse that would one day ruin their lives and be responsible for their unfortunate deaths.

When will it end?  Only the old witch Beulah knows.



Tom Hays

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