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barking frog music group - who we are.

Here's the story of how it all began . . .

"The mind will play funny tricks on you. One minute you’re in a business meeting or hard at work on the job, and then, something will hit you that brings back a familiar taste, or smell, or feeling, and the next thing you know, you’re remembering those times years ago, sitting around a campfire after a big camp meal, with friends or family.

I remember we’d pull up logs and sit around . . just poking the fire, swatting bugs, swapping stories and singing songs, a lot of them made up right there on the spot. We’d pass around the guitar and those that could play would. Those that couldn’t would tell a joke, or a story, or recite a poem. But we’d all join in with something, and it’d go on ‘til the moon was way overhead, and the fire had burned down to red hot coals.

There’d be plenty of laughing and kidding around … and sometimes we’d get to laughing so hard that a “different” noise would come from somewhere around the campfire ... and everyone would look around at all the other faces in the smoke to try to guess who was the guilty party. Sooner or later, it would be agreed that it must have been just a big frog . . barking at the moon.

Those “barking frogs” earned quite a reputation in our part of the country, and it was hard to have a camp-out where you wouldn’t hear at least one or two. So, it came to be generally known that anyone who would come, and maybe join in and play, or sing, say a poem or tell a joke, was automatically a member of the barking frog music group. And back then, we had meetings just as often as we could.

Now, it’s a gathering around a virtual campfire, right here on your computer. We call it the bfmg Café, and anytime you want to listen, there’s a group of folks sitting around playing their songs, and singing, and telling stories. Maybe you’ll join in and sing along, or maybe you’ll want to just sit back and listen. Either way, we hope you’ll have so much fun you’ll come back often. Click to the bfmg Café, put a beverage in your hand, put that work day behind you, and drag up a log! You can listen for free because you're a member of the barking frog music group!

P.S. You might want to have a souvenir of your visit to the bfmg Café, for proof that you are a proud member of the barking frog music group or to give to others. You’re invited to drop by the Amazon store to look over the bfmg music CD collection. Cool!"

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Tom Hays