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The Hard Facts

America in decline.

You want the hard facts, I’ll give you the hard facts.

The hard facts are those that are carved in stone. And the fact is, those are the only facts that are really set in stone. Every other fact is subject to change.

Here are some simple facts for you ... political corruption, greedy politicians grabbing for power and money, throwing out favors, supporting moral decline, a growing loss of intellect in the general population … losing basic skills … dumbing down … becoming more and more dependent on political handouts to exist. Rejection of values, decline in family values, tribal warfare, gangs in the streets, primitive behavior … all facts.

Those are the simple facts but are not the hard facts.

Perhaps those simple facts came about because our attention was diverted from the true hard facts, and we lost sight of the way of life and living commanded by them.

The simple facts are subject to change … if we can bring those true, hard facts back into the focus of the general population.

It is time to get down to the hard facts of the matter and get people back to the hard facts ... important facts like those ten “shalls” and “‘shall nots” we used to honor—Ten Commandments—written in stone for all time.

That is the hard fact.

Let us pray.

Taken from the book "Twisted by the Wind" written by Tom Hays

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Tom Hays

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